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Phenolic Foam Pipe

Item No: A0070
Name: Phenolic Foam Pipe

Density:   40-120kg/m3
Thickness:   25-60mm
Length:  1000mm
Applicable Temperature:   -60℃ to150℃
Thermal conductivity:   0.02-0.03 w/mk
Water absorption:  ≤4 (V/V)%
Bending strength:  170 Kpa
Press strength:   ≥100 Kpa
Oxidation rate:    ≥43%

Phenolic foam is a flame retardant, non-toxic, anti-pressure and light material, which is excellent in fire resistance, moistureproof, and thermal & acoustic insulation. According to the test conducted by National Fire Protection Building Materials Quality Control and Testing Center, it is one of the best fireproof and insulation material. It is now widely used in construction, petrochemical engineering, thermal engineering, aerospace, transportation, household and commercial appliances and many other insulation area.