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Glasswool Pipe

Item No: A0040
Name: Glasswool Pipe

Bulk Density:   64-96 kg/m3
Inner Diameter:   22-408mm
Thickness:   25-100mm
Thermal conductivity:   ≤0.042w/mk 
Fireproof:   Anti-burning (grade A) 
Moisture proof:   ≥98.5% 
Noise absorption:   above 0.75LRC 
Temperature resistance:   450℃   

Complete specification and can be customized based on client requirement.

It is commonly used in ventilation, heating, water supply and power equipment for piping insulation. It is light, hard, easy for construction, not easy to loose, heat resistant, and is suitable for temperature from -85°C to 450°C of both hot and cold water pipes. For heat insulation, it can affix cotton cloth as needed outside the glass wool pipe and paint or apply cement on the surface coating. For cold insulation work, it can affix aluminum foil on the surface coating to prevent condensation.