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Foam Glass

Item No: A0100
Name: Foam Glass


Density : 150-160 Kg/M3
Thermal Conductivity :  ≤0.046 w/mk
Water Absorption:  ≤0.5 %
Compressive Strength:  ≥0.7 Mpa
Bending Strength: ≥0.8 Mpa
Applicable Temperature: -200 to +400 ℃ 
Board Size :
Length x Width (mm): 620x480
Thickness (mm): 25-150
Pipe size :
Length (mm): 600
Inner Diameter (mm): 20-350
Thickness (mm): 25-150

Foam glass is a new kind of inorganic heat insulating material with a structure of equally closed cells. It is mainly made of glass added with adequate foaming agents after heating and baking in high-temperature tunnel furnace, then annealing and cooling. It is widely used in:

1. Exterior wall insulation, interior wall insulation and roof insulation.
2. Sound absorbtion of theater, auditorium, subway and other indoor facilities.
3. Waterproof and anti-tide of the tunnel project.
4. Noise reduction of compressor room, air pump room, etc.
5. Thermal insulation of petrochemical and other cryogenic equipment, vessels and pipeline.
6. Heat insulation of power station chimney lining.